What others are saying about Grace and the Drawl

By Kristen Portillo:

Grace and the Drawl is a quick witted, funny adventure of Grace and her cat Boot. Boot, who lives in the fourth dimension, is Grace’s protector from the Drawl who live in an even higher dimension and come down into the lower dimensions to steal human energy from the unknowing humans. Grace on the other hand is the only human the cats have ever met that can see the Drawl.
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Loved it.
I liked this book a lot. It kind of reminded me of the May Bird and The Everafter series, which I also like. I was kind of disappointed in the author for giving the cats a universe like ours, in the sense where they wear clothes, but after a little, I warmed up to it. All in all, I would recommend this book"
  - Barnes&Noble Reader

This book is so totally awesome!!!! It tells the story of.......well 2 different dimensions that some cats are bad but most are good. It is an adventurous story alright!!!!!! Such a good book. Get it if you like twisted tales with a bad side and a good side!!
  - Barnes&Noble Reader

Awesome Book

It starts out a little confusing but once u get into it your hooked. A little confusing at some parts but a really really good book. They're really clever though. The 1st book is free then the other 2 r 3 bucks. Over all a great read.
  - Barnes&Noble Reader

Love the book

This is one of the greatest cat books!!!! I recommend this book!!!
  - Barnes&Noble Reader


It takes a real good book to get me to rate it 5 stars. This book is amazing and the way that the author describes all of it just captivates your mind and you cant help but to pick up this book and furiously start turning the pages. I <3 this book - Barnes&Noble Reader


This book is great so far. Ever since the prologue I was a fish that ate the bait. 
 - Barnes&Noble Reader

Adorable reading, after reading this you have to buy the next on the collection :)
  - Barnes&Noble Reader

I just bought it. My friend loves this book. So excited to read about.
  - Barnes&Noble Reader

It has an interesting beginning an cool beginning. I'm still reading the book, but it is awesome.  - Barnes&Noble Reader