The Grace Trilogy

Grace and the Drawl - Volume One

Have you ever wondered what animals can see that we can't? Fourteen-year-old Grace knows. The Drawl, terrifying creatures from a higher dimension. Protecting us from these nightmarish creatures are our cats. Grace is drawn into their world and soon discovers there is more than meets the eye to her family cat. Will she find the courage to fight alongside her new friends or will she be lost forever?  

Ages 10+ Free download for a limited time.
Grace and the Drawl

Grace and the Revenge of the Drawl - Volume Two

After her last brush with death, Grace is trying to get on with her life. But things haven't been going well. Teased and bullied by her peers at school, her life is far from happy. Grace tries to pursue a new love interest but his shyness threatens to bring things to an end before they have a chance to begin. Grace arrives home from school to find a letter on her pillow. It's a desperate plea for help from the cats. Grace returns to find their city deserted. A massive Drawl invasion has forced the few survivors from their homes and into hiding in the surrounding forests. The Drawl have been busy, enslaving the cats and forcing them to work. Grace finds Yin and learns of Boot's disappearance. Together they struggle to unravel the evil creatures' plan. Grace continues to search for Boot refusing to believe he is dead. She will risk everything to save her friends but can she lead the cats to victory in the ultimate showdown?
Ages 10+

Grace and the Revenge of the Drawl

Grace and the Drawl  Invasion of Earth - Volume Three

A few years have past since Grace was last shoulder to shoulder with her friends in battle. The Drawl have been busy in her absence. Perfecting the technology that will bring them into our dimension. Now Grace is snatched by the government and enlisted in the fight against this dark threat. Can she convince her friends to her her save humanity before the Drawl devour everyone? All is revealed in the nail biting conclusion to the grace Trilogy.
Ages 14+

Grace and the Drawl Invasion of Earth